Activities, Services and Committees

Three statutory committees ensure the implementation of strategies and actions aimed at optimizing university training, including internships and continuing education, in line with the needs of the provincial healthcare and social services system. These committees include:

– The Nursing Committee
– The Interdisciplinary Education Committee
– The Directors of Professional Services Committee

To address various thematic priority areas, the RUISSS creates working groups to gather expertise and  coordinate efforts, ensuring alignment with other internal committees, those of the other three RUISSS, as well as with the Ministry of Health and Social Services. Currently, the sectoral initiatives include:

– The IM♥Quebec Database (myocardial infarction or heart attack)
– The AVC Database (stroke)
– The Centre of Expertise in Chronic Pain Management
– The Centre of Expertise and Collaboration on Concurrent Disorders
– The Health and Social Services Human Resources Working Group
– The Committee on Aging
– The Electronic Resources Consortium