Mise à jour de la base de données APA PsycINFO

15 mars 2023

Le fournisseur Ovid nous informe que la base de données PsycINFO sera rechargée le 21 mars 2023 afin d’y inclure la mise à jour de l’hiver 2023 qui contient la dernière version du thésaurus et les nouveaux codes de classification. Les alertes seront lancées le lundi 20 mars 2023.

Pour plus de détails, voir le communiqué du fournisseur (en anglais) ici-bas.


APA PsycInfo Database Update

Dear APA PsycInfo Customer:

Further to our message on 11 January, we now plan to reload the APA PsycInfo® (PSYC) database on Tuesday, March 21, 2023. Alerts will be run on Monday, March 20, 2023.
We moved out the reload in order to be able to include the Winter 2023 Update, APA’s latest version of their Thesaurus & Classification Code tools that was released last week.

In addition, Ovid has made the following changes:

4 New Fields

·         Cited Reference Issue (CI)

·         Cited Reference PMID (RZ)

·         Cited Reference Volume (CL)

·         Cited Reference Identifier (CZ)

1 Changed Field

·         Author ID (AI) – changed from Phrase to Word Index

Limit Name Change for Classification Codes

Old Category Name New Category Name
Parapsychology Psychic Phenomenon & Paranormal Activities
Gerontology Aging & Older Adult Development
Sex Roles and Women’s issues Sex & Gender Roles
Neuroses & Anxiety Disorders Anxiety Disorders
Developmental Disorders & Autism Neurodevelopmental & Autism Spectrum Disorders
Mental Retardation Intellectual Developmental Disorders
Speech & Language Disorders Communication Disorders
Physical & Somatoform & Psychogenic Disorders Physical & Somatic Disorders
Professional Psychology and Health Personnel Issues Health & Mental Health Personnel Issues
Impaired Professionals Professional Impairment
Educational Psychology Educational & School Psychology
Special & Remedial Education Special & Compensatory Education
Industrial and Organizational Psychology Organizational Psychology & Human Resources
Sports Sports & Exercise
Intelligent Systems Cognitive Psychology & Intelligent Systems

Feel free to contact Customer Support with any questions by sending an email to support@ovid.com.


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid