Mise à jour de la base de données Embase sur Ovid

25 janvier 2023

Le fournisseur Ovid nous informe que la base de données Embase a été mise à jour le lundi 23 janvier 2023 pour prendre en charge le nouvel outil Thésaurus 2022.

Pour plus de détails, voir le communiqué du fournisseur (en anglais) ici-bas.

Embase Reload Completed

Dear Ovid Embase Customer:

The Embase (EMED) Database has been reloaded to implement the new 2022 Thesaurus Tool on Monday 23 January 2023.

Changes in the new Thesaurus:

  • Emtree Terms Added:
    1088 new terms (including 44 replacement terms and promoted synonyms) have been added to Emtree as preferred terms in version September 2022 (compared to May 2022):

    • 91 drug terms (terms assigned to the Chemicals and Drugs facet).
    • 997 non-drug terms (terms not assigned as Chemicals and Drugs).
  • Emtree Terms Changed:
    • 44 terms (8 drug terms and 36 non-drug terms) from Emtree May 2020 have been replaced by 42 different terms in September 2022 (8 drug terms and 34 non-drug terms).
    • Of these, 39 terms (6 drug terms and 33 non-drug terms) are new (e.g. new generic names for drug chemical names) and have been assigned creation date 2022; the remaining 3 replacement terms (2 drug terms and 1 non-drug terms) were already present in Emtree.
    • No drug term was replaced by a non-drug term, no non-drug term was replaced by a drug term. No preferred terms were deleted.

You can find all the details of the changes in the reloaded thesaurus here:
Changes in the new thesaurus
Release notes

Feel free to contact Customer Support with any questions by sending an email to support@ovid.com.


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid