Mise à jour Embase nouveau segment

10 novembre 2020

Le fournisseur Wolters Kluwer (Ovid) indique une mise à jour dans EMBASE suite à l’ajout d’un nouveau segment emexc. Voir le communiqué ci-dessous à cet effet (en anglais) :

Embase Update

Dear Ovid Embase Customer:

This week a new Embase segment “emexc”, that will be updated weekly, was created to manage the increased volume of new Embase records on Ovid. While this does not affect any search results or saved searches for Embase, it does require us to perform an unscheduled AutoAlert run for all Embase Alerts on the previous weekly updated segment “emexb”. This run will ensure all records that match your AutoAlerts in emexb will be alerted on. This unscheduled AutoAlert run for Embase will take place on 5 November 2020.

Which AutoAlerts are affected?
–    Alerts scheduled to run daily, weekly or “on database update” are not affected by this change and will not report with new results.
–    AutoAlerts that last ran prior to 24 October 2020 may see new records as a result from the unscheduled AutoAlert run.

After the unscheduled AutoAlert run on emexb, all alerts will resume their regular schedule. We trust we have informed you correctly, and if you have any questions please contact Ovid Customer Support: support@ovid.com.


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid