Ovid MEDLINE : Nouvelle limite de recherche COVID-19

29 avril 2020

Le fournisseur Wolters Kluwer (Ovid) indique des nouveautés dans Ovid MEDLINE. Les limites de certains sous-ensembles de sujets ont été mises à jour et une nouvelle limite COVID-19 a été ajoutée. Voir le communiqué ci-dessous à cet effet (en anglais) :

Subject Subset Limits updated, and new COVID-19 Limit added to Ovid MEDLINE

Dear Ovid MEDLINE Customer:

On 14 April 2020 we updated the Dietary Supplements and Toxicology Subject Subsets Limits for Ovid MEDLINE, following the NLM’s changes to their PubMed Subject Filters: http://tools.ovid.com/ovidtools/expertsearches.html#pubmedsubsets

All NLM PubMed Subject filters are translated into Ovid syntax and match the PubMed results as closely as possible. You can find more information about the Ovid MEDLINE limits in the Ovid MEDLINE database guide: http://ospguides.ovid.com/OSPguides/medline.htm#limits 

We have documented the exact translations from PubMed to Ovid search syntax, including the new and legacy limits for Systematic Reviews, under the Ovid Expert Searches area: http://tools.ovid.com/ovidtools/expertsearches.html

In addition, we have now added our COVID-19 Limit for Ovid MEDLINE to the “Special Ovid Filters” area. This new limit allows researchers to easily combine their search strategies with the quickly growing collection of MEDLINE records on the topic of COVID-19. The exact search syntax for this limit is also documented in the Ovid Expert Searches area, and will be added to the Ovid MEDLINE database guide as soon as possible.

Here’s an example:

Feel free to contact Customer Support with any questions by sending an email to support@ovid.com.


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid